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Four courses of 5 days each are offered.  


Expert Java Development in Depth 5 days  £2245+VAT (20%) in advance.
Virtual training between 9 GMT and 17 GMT (London: 9 am - 5 pm, Europe: 10 am - 6 pm) on Dec 16th to Dec 20th 2013.
- Monday will have an abridged version of "Expert Java Development".
- Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday will be training with exercises for this course. (See link below)
- Friday will be an open discussion, completing exercises and a half day introduction to Trading System in Java.

A significant portion of the course and exercises will be about coding for simplicity and performance.

Expert Java Development 5 days, £1995+VAT
This course is designed to offer developers with five to ten years experience a refresher on best practices.  Developers will have exposure to many of these topics but may not have had time to look at them in depth.

Expert Java Development in Depth 5 days,  £2495+VAT
This course extends the content of the Export Java Development course with more in depth subjects and is intended for develops of around ten years experience.

Master Java Development 5 days,  £2995+VAT
This is a hard core Java development course which can allow you to rewrite key functionality to behave as your project requires.

Trading Systems in Java 5 days,  £2995+VAT
This is a master class Java development course examining how to write performance trading systems in Java.

Team training
Team training and consulting is offered on site at a rate of £9,000+VAT and expenses per week.  The advantage of on site training is that the content can be agreed in advance to suit the needs of the project and you can be sure the members of your team have training to the same standard.

On site training can give more emphasis to either
  • low latency
  • high throughput
  • determinism
  • quality delivery
  • reducing complexity
  • faster development life cycle and time to market
  • reducing system maintenance costs.
See the Training Discussion Group for announcements.

I can be contacted directly on peter.lawrey (a)